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 Bringing Home a Shih Tzu Puppy


When you bring home your new Shih Tzu Puppy, you will need a few items to make life easier on your puppy and you. Your Shih Tzu puppy first needs a home, so a crate is perfect. Not to big and not to small as your puppy will grow into an adult. A medium size wire crate is just right for a shih tzu with a nice soft snuggle bed inside. Also a 24 inch high wire exercise pen, this can be attached to your puppies crate with removable clips. Attaching the exercise pen to the crate makes an area for potty pads and exercise yard. This aids your puppy for potty training, and great for training them to use potty pads for traveling, staying in hotels or RV's. What we use for Potty pads are waterproof flat baby crib pads, wash and reuse. Washing on white cycle setting with soap and bleach to kill any bacteria on pads. Potty training needs to fit your lifestyle, doggy doors, potty pad or outside method.

Water bottles are the best way to keep fresh water available to your puppy. Using water bottles aids in keeping bacteria off the face, Shih Tzu really don't like to stick their face in deep bowls of water. This can lead to not drinking enough fresh water, and causing health problems. Food bowls should be stainless steel, round 6 inch about 2 inches deep.

Choosing a good quality dog food is most important. This keeps your puppy in perfect condition growing to healthy adults. Feeding Holistic Dog food, keeps our shih tzu in great condition. Also holistic treats are great, try to stay away from food colored ones, bullies or bully are perfect for teething puppies and easy for them to digest. No hoofs or pig ears or raw hides. Changing your Shih Tzu food can cause upset stomach and also diarrhea, change over slowly.

Play things of course you need to keep your puppy entertained, soft toys, squeaky, balls what ever they will love to play with. Just keep in mind nothing that has buttons, or things that can be chewed off. Shih Tzu love to tear paper, and have a paper party.

Keep in mind your puppy is just a baby, and will take time and patience to train. Always reward them in training; never use a crate as punishment.

Using probiotics for healthy digestive system and health maintenance http://www.probioticsmart.com/


We always are looking for ways to help our new puppy owners with their Shih Tzu puppy in top condition, here is a wonderful training video on Shih Tzu grooming.  We like to use cordless beard timmer instead of scissors when trimming paws and anal area. Great information on how to keep your puppy looking like a Best in Show Winner!

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Supplies Needed for Your  Shih Tzu Puppy


 Lixit Water Bottle        Med size wire Crate        24 in high Exercise           Flat Waterproof Crib Sheet


We do use Probios

Health starts from the inside


Importance of Being a Pack Leader


In the dog world there is no equality, even if your dog is toy breed as the Shih Tzu.  You are either above your dog or he is above you.   Many owners make the mistake of thinking that there can be an equality between them and their companion and when this occurs the unsuspecting owner suddenly has a domineering pooch on their hand who doesn’t listen is overly protective and aggressive.


Your pet needs to know that you are in charge and your needs and wants come before his.  This doesn’t mean that you have to be mean or inconsiderate to your animal to show him whose boss, but it does mean that you should provide him with rules and dominance training to teach him to respect you as his alpha.


Here are a few suggestions on how you can enforce your position as pack leader:

             Teach your puppy to control his mouth.  Any time he puts his mouth on you or bites, tell him “No!” let him know you are not another puppy and won’t tolerate it.

             Give him a command, such as “Sit” or “Down” before you give him what he wants.  For instance, if he wants to be petted or wishes to play, make him sit and then give him the attention he wants.   This shows that you always get what you want first – you set the rules.

             Practice submission exercises.  Take the time to hold him in your arms, place him on his back and speak gently until he stops struggling.  Once he stops, release him, praise and reward him with a treat.  You should also gently handle his mouth, paws and ears.  He will not like these exercises but they are necessary if you want to exert your dominance over him. You should always be able to take anything from the mouth, toy, food, and treat without any aggression.

             When you give commands use a strong, confident and calm tone.  The higher your voice the more excited you will make him and he will think you are playing.  Keep your voice low and don’t be afraid to bear your teeth, or reprimand using a growling tone if he needs a more intense correction roll him on his back, and hold them firmly until they submit, that is when they relax their body and give up the struggle.    

             Always walk through doors before your dog.  Carrying your pet all the time teaches them to become fearful, they feel they must be protected.

             Do not allow him to share your bed. Crate your dog this is his safe spot, the crate can be in your bedroom especially when you have a new puppy.

             Your family should always eat before your dog and should do so in his presence.  In the dog world, the most   important canines eat first. 

             Never feed him from the table or give him scraps of your food. Feed them in their own dish.

             Provide him with socialization training and obedience training. Well socialized dog will have less behavioral       problems. The more life experiences a dog has the better they become socially.

Finally, you must remain a consistent pack leader or you could lose your position.  Never forget that your dog will always try to take on the alpha role, so you must not give him any reason to challenge your authority. These simple guidelines help to insure you have a wonderful pet that is enjoyed by everyone.


Information written by Logan Reese of www.ohmydogsupplies.com, the top ranked store to buy small dog beds online.



Crate Training Your Puppy


One of the most dog friendly methods of training your pet is crate training. The process is very natural and uses the den instincts of the puppy or dog to help them understand where a safe place in the house is for them as well as giving them their own space and area. Since dogs naturally do not want to soil this area they are less likely to mess in the crate leading to faster and more efficient housebreaking. Introducing puppies to crate training serves as a travel cabin for you dog when travelling by car or plane. Hotels that accepts pets, require the pets be crated.


Crate training works in conjunction with a puppies body functions. Establishing a routine with the puppy will help with the process and will avoid any unnecessary accidents. To use crate training techniques follow the steps outlined below:

• Feed and water your puppy at the same times (or as close to the same times as possible) each day. Most puppies are fed at least two to four times per day depending on their age.

• When the puppy has finished eating place them in their crate with some toys and soft bedding material. The crate should be where the puppy can still see people and feel part of the family, not where they feel that they are being isolated or punished for bad behavior.

• Approximately 15 minutes after placing the puppy in the crate take them outside or to the area that you wish them to use a bathroom. If you puppy has spoiled the crate prior to this 15 minute mark don’t punish them, simply clean the crate and plan the next time to take them out 5 minutes earlier. This is a process of trial and error but you will eventually find out just when the little puppy will go to the bathroom after eating.

• Have the puppy walk with you to the outside area or toilet area if using a potty pad. Praise them when they go. If they are outside for more than 3-5 minutes and are showing no signs of relieving themselves simply place them back in the crate and try again in no more than 5 minutes. Don’t scold or pay undo attention to them until the go outside and eliminate. Immediately give lots of praise and attention and return them to the house for further attention and socialization.

• Puppies quickly learn that by going outside or potty pad and relieving themselves they will get lots of positive attention and will come back into the house and play with or be around the family.


Cautions with Crate Training:


To be sure that crate training is completed correctly make sure that the following occurs:

• Make the crate comfortable with toys, soft, washable bedding and lots of ventilation. It is to be a positive place that is the puppies “den”.

• Never use the crate as a punishment or isolation area. If your puppy begins to associate the crate with being ignored or punished they will quickly stop wanting to go to the crate.

• Keep the crate somewhere that is part of the activity centers of the house so that the puppy can still see people and be in a familiar area.

. Ajust the amount of time adding more time in the crate approxmently.

  8 to 12 Weeks      30 mins. to 60 mins.

 12 to 16 Weeks       1 to 3 hours

 16 to 18 Weeks      3+ to 5 hours

 Except for overnight they should not be crated over 5 hours


Remember that puppies and dogs need clean water, always keep water bottle attached to the crate.


• Do not keep the puppy in the crate for prolonged periods of time. Confining your puppy to the crate is a form of punishment to the puppy and will make the crate a negative place to be.


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There are many resources and books about crate training that provide additional information. Crate training your puppy makes it easy to travel with the dog as they are always at home in their crate no matter where you are or what type of transportation you use. 

Article provided by Calvin Carter of www.ohmydogsupplies.com, the top ranked spot to purchase dog safety gates online.

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