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Dear Peggy,

I can't begin to tell you what a blessing it was to find your website.  David and I had been looking for such a long time for the perfect baby and we were so pleased when we came upon your site!  I knew instantly when I saw our little guys picture that he was "the one!"
We instantly fell in love. 
I'll never forget the day we came to visit you. I was very apprehensive because we'd been looking so long and had come across people that you just don't feel comfortable with.  The minute we arrived at your house we felt so welcomed. We can't thank you enough for all the time that you spent with us that day. It really showed how much you care about your dogs and that you truely love your shih tzu puppies. 
We're also so incredibly grateful that you've been there along the way to help us as Myles began to grow.  You're so knowledgeable in all aspects of how to care for this amazing breed of dog.
I could just go on and on but I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!
I have told so many people about you and your dogs.  I would highly recommend anyone to talk to you if they're thinking about owning one of these fabulous dogs.

David, Sarah and Myles Prescott







Hello Peggy,
I just wanted to touch base to let you know that Lola is doing fabulous.  She is such a love.  She is getting big - it's hard to believe how much she seems to be growing.  Then again, so much of it is hair.  This was really the perfect time for us to get a puppy.  Our daughters are at the perfect ages to be involved with all of her training and needs.  We are just one big happy family!!  I can't say enough about our little Lola.
I attached a few more pictures for you to see.
Talk to you soon,







Dear Peggy,


I'm sitting here looking at our Chenille Shih Tzu puppy, Abbi sleeping and thinking how lucky we are to have her.  She is so beautiful and brings such joy and happiness to our home.  After losing our beloved Samantha, I started searching for a reputable breeder and was not having much success.  I came across your web site and saw Sansha's beautiful puppies and knew that you were the one.  With all my emails to you and our phone calls, you have been the greatest.  You have answered all my many questions and assured me I would get a healthy, beautiful little girl and I did.  Your knowledge of the breed and how you prepare your beautiful babies for their new home and family is amazing.  You make the transition process a lot easier. 

We really enjoyed meeting you and seeing all your wonderful kids.  After looking at them on your web site for so long, it was great getting to meet each one in person. 

Thank you so much for making a dream come true.  We feel we not only have a terrific breeder that we can call on for help and direction from time to time but that we have made a new wonderful friend.  I can hardly wait to see Sansha's new babies.


Bev, Diana, Buster and Abbi


    Abbi  Going Home with Bev & Diana                                                    Abbi loves to play in the water!



Bella is doing great!!!  You would be so proud of her.  She loves everyone-- she has met a lot of our friends and other dogs (hasn't been to a dog park yet until she gets her Rabies shot). She plays hard-- loves chasing and wrestling with Murphy, Kobi (my mom's dog), and the 2 other dogs she's met.  In the morning, she goes right through the sprinklers-- she has no problem getting wet!!!!  As far as potty training-- I am soooooo happy!!!!! Now I'm crating her next to our bed, and she sleeps through the night and goes outside in the morning and all day long!!!! she is amazing!!! Thank you so much for doing such a great job training her!!!!!!

Bella loves playing with all the dog toys, but she especially loves being with Murphy.  Murphy now loves her and they have definitely worked out play time and sleep time!!!!  I did take her to Murphy's groomer to see if she wanted to start getting Bella used to grooming. She trimmed the hair away from her eyes so we can now see her eyes!!!! Bella is so smart (compared to Murphy).  She responds to Sit, Come, Stay (kind of), Watch Me-- really she is such a joy!!!!

We had friends over last night== they are getting their first dog next week.  I think they are hoping for a puppy as great as Bella.  Our vet said her personality can't be beat!!!!

I am very upset that we are traveling next week. I hate to leave her.  I hope our dog sitter can continue the great progress we've made with her!!

I'm going to try and send you some more photos----
Fill me in on the new puppies





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